Measures for Accreditation of Qualification of Enterprises on Foreign-aid Projects Issued

source:  date:2015-11-05  author:

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has issued the Measures for the Accreditation of Qualification of Enterprises that Undertake Foreign-aid Projects (the "Measures") for implementation as of the date of promulgation.


For the purpose of the Measures, enterprises that undertake foreign-aid projects refer to enterprises and other organizations which are able to undertake the task of implementation of foreign-aid projects arranged by Chinese government. According to the Measures, the Ministry of Commerce pursuant to different types of enterprises undertaking foreign-aid projects, respectively adopts way of qualification examination or qualification tender to examine and approve qualification of enterprises undertaking foreign-aid projects. Enterprises undertaking foreign-aid projects upon the examination and approval of qualification may undertake specific implementing task of foreign-aid projects within the scope of corresponding type of qualification. Valid period of license document is three years, and enterprises obtaining qualification may apply for extending valid period of qualification license as required. In addition, the Measures also specify three circumstances of revoking qualification of enterprises undertaking foreign-aid projects. Where an enterprise undertaking foreign-aid projects loses implementation qualification due to the expiration of the valid period, it shall not affect the performance of the project, which has won the bidding.