Mr. Zhou Jigao Hosted Seminar on the Deliberation of the Draft Judicial Interpretation of Law on the Trial of Construction Contract Disputes Cases

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On August 14,2017, a seminar about Interpretation of the Supreme People 's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Construction Contract Disputes Cases (II) (Draft for soliciting opinions) (“the Draft Judicial Interpretation”) was hosted jointly by Construction and Infrastructure Law Committee of Shanghai Bar Association, Shanghai Association of Construction Industry, Shanghai Association of Civil Road, Legal Branch of the Real Estate Chamber of the Confederation of Industry and Commerce of Shanghai, and Construction Times. Mr. Zhou Jigao, founding partner of Shanghai JianLing ChengDa Law Firm and the director of the Construction and Infrastructure Research Committee of Shanghai Bar Association, hosted the seminar and gave his professional opinions on the Draft Judicial Interpretation.


Leaders and experts were invited to attend the seminar from state-owned enterprises, for example Construction Engineering Group and Shanghai City Construction Company, as well as professional lawyers from Shanghai City Construction and Infrastructure area .They provided lots of opinions on revision and perfection for the Draft Judicial Interpretation combining practical operation in the implement of construction contract with long-term judicial trial practice.

After the seminar, the opinions have been put in order by all sponsors and become a final written opinion draft, which will be reported to the Supreme People’s Court and be expected to contribute to the finalization of the Draft Judicial Interpretation and the perfection in the law application of China’s construction contract dispute.